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Why Is Tree Trimming Essential in Fayetteville, AR?

Arkansas isn’t known as “The Natural State” for nothing. As you probably already know, Northwest Arkansas is home to an abundance of different tree species, with nearly every type requiring some form of tree trimming or upkeep.

At FTS, we provide several options for trimming and pruning to keep your trees looking as healthy and beautiful as possible. Trimming and pruning is an essential service for maintaining your trees’ overall health, encouraging them to grow, and helping them to retain their innate beauty. We always recommend hiring a professional for this type of work, as doing it yourself could cause major damage, leaving your tree vulnerable to disease and infection.

Not sure whether your trees need trimming or pruning? Although they are very similar, there are some minor differences between the two. Often the type of tree or bush will dictate the strategy that should be employed. Read on to learn more about each.

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Tree Trimming vs. Tree Pruning

Routine trimming and pruning promotes healthy development while maintaining a tree’s desired shape, offering a more satisfying landscape appeal to your property. Generally speaking, trimming is applied to shrubs and hedges, while pruning is more suited for trees and larger shrubbery. Both methods require different types of equipment and are done at different times of the year.

What is Tree Trimming?

Trimming is a technique used to help guide a plant’s growth. It can also be used to remove surrounding overgrown plants that are preventing the plant from getting enough moisture and sunlight. Usually, trimming services happen twice per year depending on the type of plant or tree. Typically, trimming is more manageable for homeowners when done on younger trees (under one foot). The younger the tree, the easier it is to efficiently guide its growth and development. However, most homeowners are ill-equipped and unskilled to handle bigger, mature trees when it comes to trimming. Tree trimming should always be done from the tree crown top down. Again, for large trees, this can be nearly impossible for the average property owner. Tree trimming is BOTH an art and a science and shouldn’t be done by unqualified individuals. By following TCIA and ISA standards, we can make sure we are getting the science part right, while leaving your trees beautiful and healthy.

What is Pruning?

Pruning is a similar tree maintenance technique performed to remove dead, loose, or infected branches so that plants can flourish. Pruning is usually done to give the plant a pleasing shape. For flowering trees, pruning is generally done directly after the blooming cycle in order to increase flowering capacity. If it’s a tree that blooms in the summer, then winter and spring are the best seasons for pruning. For the pruning of shrubs or hedges, it’s ideal to prune them during the flowering season.

Each Method Requires Different Tools

Trimming and pruning usually require different types of tools. For pruning, we typically use two different types of shears: hand shears and loping shears. Hand shears are used to quickly cut off buds and leaves, while loping shears are longer and more effective at cutting thin to medium width branches and limbs. For long, thicker branches, pruning saws and pole pruners are used. For tree trimming shears are generally used. For shaping bushes and hedges, the quickest and most effective tools are electric or gas-powered hedge trimmers.

Benefits of Tree Trimming

The greatest benefits of trimming and pruning your trees and hedges are:

Improved Tree Health

By removing diseased, dying, or already dead branches you can prevent decay from spreading. Trees will benefit from better exposure to sun and air circulation, and they will be able to grow new and healthy branches.

Improved Curb Appeal

Overgrown branches and limbs that hang around and crowd over other plants can be unsightly and make a property look abandoned or neglected. Conversely, well-trimmed and maintained trees can really improve the appearance and curb appeal of a property.

Increase in Exposure To Sunlight

Overgrown branches can shade the area around them making it difficult for other plants to grow nearby. Upon removing overgrown and unruly branches, new and existing plants have the opportunity to thrive below the tree.

Reduces Risks And Hazards

Unpruned trees can interfere with power lines, which could affect your home’s power or pose a fire risk. They may also reduce visibility for drivers, and present a risk of injury from falling dead branches. They can also break off and damage buildings after heavy storms.

Promotes Good Structure and Shape

With professional trimming, you can guide the growth of your new trees and avoid branches from overcrowding. It will most definitely improve the structure of the branches and compensate for root loss.

While understanding these different techniques is great, it’s also important to consult an expert as the techniques, type of plant, and timing are crucial. For a FREE consultation, call Tree Service Fayetteville now!

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We hope you choose Fayetteville Tree Service for all your trimming and pruning needs! Our attention to detail and extensive know-how and experience with local plants separates us from other tree care companies. Not only are our trimming services priced competitively, we only employ ISA certified arborists that truly care about the health and wellbeing of your shrubs, hedges, and trees. In addition to having experienced, trained, and certified staff, we also have premium liability insurance to ensure the safety of our workers and your property.

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